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Press coverage

Stress Angels has been featured in both The Times and Evening Standard newspapers.

It was during the interview for her current job as an office manager that Ally Watson first heard about the latest stress management boom. "When they told me they gave their staff free massages at work, I couldn’t believe it," she says. "I remember thinking, ‘What a great place to work’.”

For the past 18 months she too has enjoyed a monthly massage in the office from corporate wellbeing therapists Stress Angels. Watson books the treatments for herself and 11 colleagues at Creative Partnership Marketing in Notting Hill, London.

“The therapist sets up her portable massage chair in a quiet room and we each have around 20 minutes with her,” Watson says. “It’s a fantastic way to relax and recharge. I thought it would make me fall asleep at my desk, but it gives you a real boost of energy.”

More workers, especially in and around London, are enjoying on-site therapies.

“It was once a perk in advertising and PR firms, but we now work with finance houses, charities, IT firms and local government,” says Katharine Ginsborg, the co-founder of Stress Angels.

Quoted from The Times, T2 Section

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