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Stress - some interesting facts

Our lifestyles have become ever more stressful and the World Health Organisation now describes stress as a 'world wide epidemic'. Stress-related illness costs industry millions of pounds every year. According to the Government’s Health and Safety Executive:


* from the Labour Force Survey (LFS)


What is stress?
Harnessed properly, pressure can be a hugely productive force, but when demands and pressures become excessive they lead to stress. When stress is experienced over a long period of time, it can lead to mental and physical ill health. Some symptoms of stress include:


Why it makes sense to tackle stress
Tackling work-related stress efficiently can result in significant benefits for organizations. By tackling stress you may in turn reduce sickness absence and staff turnover, increase staff productivity, reduce customer complaints and improve the working environment generally.

As an employer it is your duty to ensure that you are taking steps to prevent and control work-related stress. Employers not taking stress seriously may leave themselves open to costly compensation claims, particularly since the launch of the Health & Safety Executive Stress Management Standards in November 2004.

Stress Management requires a broad toolkit of approaches. Stress Angels can provide you with a range of therapies, classes and workshops to help you tackle stress and fulfill your duty of care to your employees. We recommend: