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Workplace Therapies

Seated acupressure massage
Seated acupressure (chair) massage, often referred to as on site massage, is a fast, effective, therapeutic treatment based on a form of Japanese acupressure massage called Anma. It concentrates on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and scalp. The client sits in an ergonomically designed chair for maximum comfort. No oils are used and the client remains fully clothed throughout the massage.

Reflexology is thought to restore the balance of vital energy in the body and stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body and the therapist works on these points and areas. It can help to promote deep relaxation and wellbeing and may be able to alleviate digestive problems, headaches and other common ailments.

Indian Head Massage
Focusing on tension in the neck, shoulders and head, Indian Head massage is particularly beneficial for stress release, migraines, mental fatigue and eyestrain. It is great for anyone spending long periods of time sitting in front of a screen. It is carried out through clothing and with the client sitting relaxed on a chair. No oils are used.

Benefits of workplace therapies

Benefits to the individual

Benefits to the organisation


Where and when?

On-site therapies can be used in the workplace as part of a stress management or back care programme and are recommended weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. They can also be used to boost staff morale during times of extra work, as a reward for meeting difficult deadlines or as a seasonal bonus for staff.

Sessions normally last 20 minutes and take place in a meetings room or other quiet area in your workplace.


On-site therapies are extremely versatile and can also be used to enhance conferences, trade shows, product promotions and parties. For more information please see the Events section of our website.